Not all candy buffet companies are created equal. In fact, while there are many imitators, none are ever able to match The Candy Buffet Company for style, quality, originality and service.

10 Reasons To Choose Us

If you have been presented with a number of possibilities for your candy buffet and are still undecided, let us make the decision an easy one.

  1. We are both designers and culinary experts - we know what looks good and what tastes good.
  2. Our work speaks for itself - every client we have had has raved about the extraordinary experience they have had with our candy buffets. See our testimonials section for more details.
  3. We are the ONLY certified food-handling candy/lolly buffet business in Australia - why risk unhygienic and contaminated lollies at your next event?
  4. We are Australia's only nationwide candy buffet provider - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart; you name it, we've been there and done it in style.
  5. From your intial enquiry, you will find that our customer service is completely in tune with the successful outcome of your event. Contact us to discuss your event's requirements.
  6. Our attendants are trained, professional and engaging, delighting guests with the candy buffet and their personalities.
  7. Our suppliers are second to none - in order to present the very best candy buffet, you need to have the very best suppliers.
  8. Our apothecary jars are washed at 80 degrees Celsius and sanitised meaning that each event uses glassware that is as clean as the day it was created.
  9. We love lollies! We know how important it is to capture the childlike wonder of being offered unlimited, delicious lollies.
  10. Your guests will never forget it - our candy buffets are still the talk of the town months after they have disappeared.

If you still have questions, then you need to give us a call. Call now on 1300 924 427 and let us make your event one to remember.